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Overcoming erection problems with a condom - Stiff performance despite rubber

Erection problems when using condoms are widespread and can have various causes. According to a 2013 study by Crosby et al, 25% of men stated that they had experienced erection problems when putting on a condom. However, this does not necessarily have to be related to erectile dysfunction. Psychological factors often play a role.

Condom use can trigger stress and pressure to perform. Thoughts such as "I hope it works this time" or "It went wrong last time" create a tense situation that makes an erection more difficult. Shame or the fear that the penis might be too small for the condom or the partner can also exacerbate erection problems.

However, there are also purely physical reasons: Putting on a tight-fitting condom puts pressure on the penis and can lead to impaired blood flow. This can lead to erection problems, especially with condoms that do not fit perfectly. The right condom size is therefore also crucial for carefree and safe sex.

Tips for a stable erection with a condom

1. pay attention to the condom size

A condom that is too tight or too wide can hinder an erection. Pay attention to the right condom size, this not only increases the feeling and the fun, but also ensures more safety because the right condom does not simply slip off, for example.

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2. reduce excitement

Try to be relaxed and calm about condom use. Avoid thoughts of performance, instead concentrate on the moment and the erotic mood.

3. use a cock ring

Penis rings, e.g. made of soft silicone, can help to stabilize the erection by reducing blood reflux. However, they should be used carefully and only for short periods of time.

4. stimulating lubricants

Lubricants with mild erection-enhancing or stimulating ingredients such as L-arginine or menthol can be beneficial in some cases. Make sure that there are no incompatibilities and that the gel is approved for use with condoms. To be effective, the gel must logically be applied to the condom, i.e. to the penis before the condom is put on.

5 Sufficient arousal

Take enough time for stimulation and arousal. Let go of stress and distracting thoughts, breathe deeply and concentrate on your pleasure. You may also be able to increase your libido and potency with the help of a few dietary supplements such as our MISTER SIZE supplement.

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6. take breaks

Take short breaks in between and change positions or activities. The short interruption can take the pressure off.

7. correct use

Pull the condom over your penis when it is erect. Incorrect use can impair the erection.

Put the condom on correctly

8. the woman must also have enough moisture

If the condom cannot slide enough during penetration, the erection can also collapse. If your partner suffers from vaginal dryness, for example, sexual intercourse may not only be uncomfortable for her, but may also affect her own stability. Fats, oils and creams can attack the condom, so please do not use these as aids or substitutes for personal lubricants. Therefore, only use suitable water-based personal lubricants, such as MISTER SIZE Bio Lubricant, which are also suitable for use with condoms.

9. avoid distraction

Thoughts that distract from arousal can contribute to erection problems. Try to stay in the moment. External stress, for example from work or family, can be a cause.

10. communication with your partner

An open exchange with your partner about fears or uncertainties surrounding condom use can make things more relaxed. Talk openly about your concerns, problems and fears so that both partners can respond better to each other.

11. sufficient practice - masturbating with a condom

Practice makes perfect, and this also applies to condoms. For example, you can use a condom every now and then when you masturbate. This way you can practise in advance and get used to the feeling of sex with a condom. By the time you have sex, you'll be used to the condom and won't have any more problems.

12. professional help

If the erection problems persist, a medical examination may be advisable to rule out organic causes such as vascular calcification, hormonal disorders or nerve problems. If all tips are useless, couples therapy or sexual counseling may also be useful to resolve possible psychological blockages. In principle, the causes of erectile dysfunction do not necessarily have anything to do with condoms:

Other reasons for erectile dysfunction


As long as there are no physical causes, with the right approach, a little patience and relaxation, the right condom size for you and a little practice, you can easily master the use of condoms without having problems getting an erection. Sex with a condom stands for pleasurable and safe intercourse.

If you are still unsure about your condom size, we at MISTER SIZE also offer you the right measuring tools such as our Condom Sizer, our measuring app, or even small packs of 3 for risk-free testing until you have found the right size.

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