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Condoms for kids - condoms that grow with children

Do you want to know when and how to teach kids about sex? How you can best prepare and protect them or are you looking for suitable condoms for kids?

Then you've come to the right place! In this post, we'll tell you what you need to know about sex education and condoms and condom sizes for kids. We'll also tell you where to buy condoms for kids and teens and equip you with the most important knowledge about condoms.

So buckle up, because you don't want to miss this!

At what age should you educate your kids?

The answer to this question varies widely, but fundamentally, proper sex education is an ongoing process and ideally should not be a one-time, serious conversation.

It's best to talk to your kids about topics like sexual consent, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and puberty before the age of 10.

The topic of contraception is especially important at this time, because your children need your support. Talk to them about the different hormonal or hormone-free contraceptive methods for women and men.

This way, you can prepare them for the years and experiences ahead and make sure they can make good choices and protect themselves.

The best way to educate children and teens.

The best way is to have open, age-appropriate conversations where your kids can ask you any questions they have. This can happen completely casually in everyday life.

If you find it difficult to talk about such topics, or if you just want to be well prepared, there are many different books, brochures, and videos on the topics.

By the way, very few schools talk about condom sizes.

That's why it's absolutely necessary that you as a parent talk to boys AND girls about it, maybe even make the school aware that there are different sizes.

Which condoms to buy for the kids?

Finding the right condoms for teens is difficult because the penis in 12, 13 or even 14 year olds is often not fully grown yet. Depending on when puberty starts and how many growth hormones are in the body, the penis can grow for up to 6 years.

This means it can take until the age of 18, 19 or 20 for it to reach its full size.

Because of this, standard condoms that are size 52 or 53 will often not fit, slip off easily, or be too tight. This makes sexual intercourse unsafe and uncomfortable.

Additionally, there is the problem that a previously fitting condom can become too small over time as the penis continues to grow. This again makes sex unsafe because condoms that are too small burst more easily, are uncomfortable, and can interfere with erection. This in turn increases the likelihood of unprotected intercourse.

Condoms in small and large sizes

For these reasons, it is especially important for children and teenagers to determine the right condom size and to use condoms that virtually grow with them.

Perhaps after measuring the condom size, it turns out that a size 47 or 49 condom fits perfectly at the beginning. After a few months or years, however, the size may start to pinch and become uncomfortable.

Then, as with buying shoes, it's time to re-measure, re-determine the width or circumference and switch to a new condom size.

By the way, the length of the penis or foreskin does not matter when buying a condom. It's perfectly OK if the condom isn't unrolled all the way or doesn't cover the penis completely, as long as the width or circumference is right.

Condom size chart - condoms for small and large penises

The following is an overview of the different condom sizes you can get. Most manufacturers only offer condoms in sizes between 52 and 57.

Here at Mister Size you can also get many smaller and larger condoms that are optimal for small (or compact) and large penises.

For penis circumference

For penis diameter

Condom size 47

less than 10 cm

less than 3.18 cm

Condom size 49

10 - 10,5 cm

3,18 - 3,34 cm

Condom size 53

10,5 - 12 cm

3,34 - 3,82 cm

Condom size 57

12,0 - 13,5 cm

3,82 - 4,3 cm

Condom size 60

13,5 - 14,5 cm

4,3 - 4,62 cm

Condom size 64

14,5 - 15,5 cm

4,62 - 4,93 cm

Condom size 69

larger than 15,5 cm

bigger than 4,93 cm

Where to buy condoms for children and teenagers?

Because most stores currently only sell condoms in standard sizes 52 to 57, the easiest way to order suitable condoms for kids is on the Internet.

Basically, condoms are shipped in neutral packages, which means you don't have to worry about your neighbors (or parents) seeing what you ordered.

You can find many different sizes of Mister Size in Müller drugstores, in many pharmacies and also in Orion specialty stores.

Important condom knowledge for kids

Choosing the right condom size is a great and important first step. But then what? How are condoms stored? How are they used properly? What happens if one ever breaks or gets stuck?

Here's where you'll find all that information:

Conclusion - condoms for kids

Proper sex education for kids and teens is important and should be as open as possible. Because only then will kids have a chance to enjoy safe sex, prevent pregnancy, protect themselves and stay healthy.

Choosing the right condom size is basically an important step to make sure that condoms are perceived as something helpful and good.

Only with the right condom size you are optimally protected and can enjoy to the maximum.

By the way, if you have your first time soon, you should still read our post about having sex for the first time, so that your first time sex can be beautiful!

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