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Contraception in other countries - condom, pill, etc. worldwide

How does contraception work in other countries? Are condoms and the pill also popular contraceptive methods worldwide?

Do other countries have different customs when it comes to contraception?

In Europe, the contraceptive pill and the condom are very much in the lead when it comes to contraception, sometimes one method, sometimes the other, depending on the country. In Germany, for example, the pill and the condom are almost on a par. According to a 2018 survey by the BZgA (German Federal Center for Health Education), the condom is becoming more popular than the pill, especially among younger people aged 18 to 29, and is already the number one contraceptive method. Younger people here in particular probably no longer want to take the risk of side effects when taking hormones in the form of the pill. The proportion of condom users in this age group rose by 7 percentage points to 58 percent compared to 2011, with the proportion of pill users falling by 16 percentage points over the same period.

According to the 2018 BZgA survey, the following contraceptive methods otherwise still played a role in Germany:

  • IUD with 10% share
  • Male sterilization with 3% share
  • Calendar method with 3% share
  • Female sterilization with 2% share
  • Temperature method with 2% share
  • Vaginal ring/nuvaring with 2% share

Overall, there is growing interest in hormone-free contraceptives, and the trend is clearly moving more and more toward condoms.

What other contraceptive methods are available worldwide?

Globally, the pill and the condom are ranked second and third, respectively, among contraceptive methods; in Europe and other Westernized countries in particular, they are even at the top of the rankings. The condom and the pill have a good availability and a favorable price. In some countries, condoms can even be obtained free of charge or on prescription under certain conditions.

Internationally, unfortunately, the sterilization of the woman is often still the number 1 contraceptive, this permanent method is often justified by the lack of other options.

In addition to the condom and the pill, the IUD and the three-month injection still have a really relevant share of the worldwide contraceptive methods. Other hormone-free or hormonal methods, such as the calendar or temperature method, vaginal or hormone rings, or coitus interruptus, play only a minor role in a worldwide comparison.

Only the condom offers double protection

It is important to know with all the contraceptive methods mentioned that only the condom, in addition to protection against unwanted pregnancies, can also offer protection against dangerous STIs at the same time. Optimal protection and the full feeling of condoms you get only with the right condom size. If the condom fits perfectly, nothing slips off and nothing pinches or squeezes.

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