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Are there temperatures that are dangerous for condoms?

How do condoms tolerate heat and cold? What happens if condoms are stored too hot in summer or too cold in winter? Learn all the details about the right temperatures for condoms in this article.

Condoms in summer

Basically, condoms should only be stored at temperatures up to a maximum of 30°C over a longer period of time. Of course, this is sometimes a challenge in high summer. You should also not store condoms permanently in direct sunlight. A short-term storage over 3-4 days in extreme heat of up to 40°C, for example, during transport by mail, in your car, or even in a packing station is possible without any problems. So even in summer you can order your condoms online or take them with you on your travels without any worries. If there is a longer heat wave and your apartment is for example under the roof and becomes more of an incubator, then you can also store your condoms in the refrigerator, this does not harm them.

If condoms are stored too long in the blazing sun or in high heat, the latex becomes more and more brittle over time and can tear more quickly, so if you have forgotten your condoms for a long time in the summer, for example in the glove compartment of your car, you should better not use them again. Also the wallet or the handbag is not a good place to store them, because they often get very warm in the summer.

By the way: The contraceptive pill also has a temperature problem in summer. It should not be stored above 30 degrees Celsius, because otherwise the effect of the pill as a contraceptive can be lost.

Condoms in winter

Can condoms tolerate frost? Yes, they can. Low temperatures and even frost have no harm to condoms in any way. The shelf life of condoms is neither negatively nor positively affected. The expiration date remains valid as indicated on the package, even if your condoms are frozen for several days in winter, for example, because you ordered them online.

Conclusion - how to store condoms?

Store your condoms cool, dry and protected from light, a good protection against light is provided by the condom packaging. At normal temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius you have nothing to fear. If a heat wave is announced and your apartment is too warm for a longer period of time, you can switch to the refrigerator. Short periods of higher heat during transport will not harm the condom.

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