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10 good reasons for great sex (best here & now)

Between work, Instagram and tax returns, it's sometimes not so easy to find the right time for a few happy and passionate moments of being together. And before you know it, a fulfilling sex life falls by the wayside - as it does for more and more young people these days. So it's high time to do something about it and bring those tingling moments back into everyday life. So that you can get straight down to business with motivation, we've put together 10 convincing reasons for you to enjoy great sex right here and now. Everything else is then left to your imagination ...

1. The perfect remedy for everyday stress

Why not break the vicious circle and do it the other way around: Instead of letting everyday stress spoil your sex life, use great sex to put everyday stress aside for a moment. This way you create the best conditions for a fantastic day in two ways. And afterwards you can get back to work with a good buzz of happiness.

2. Sex is healthy - and how!

Sure, it's not the most exciting reason, but sex is a true miracle cure for your health: it strengthens your immune system and improves your chances of getting through the next wave of colds unscathed. Sex can also have a positive effect on blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease. For men, regular ejaculation keeps the prostate in good shape and reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

The psyche also benefits from a fulfilling sex life. The endorphins and the "cuddle hormone" oxytocin that are released during sex strengthen our sense of well-being. And thus form a small protective wall against negative feelings and depressive moods.

3. Sex also has a pain-relieving effect

It doesn't always take pills to relieve pain. Because in fact, endorphins can have a very similar effect during orgasm. Besides the distraction, your body is actually less sensitive to pain. And the relaxation of the muscles can even cause headaches or backaches to be blown away afterwards.

4. Sex boosts your charisma

Have you ever noticed how people react to you after you've just had sex? Or have you experienced it with others? Your outside effect suddenly has that certain something and it feels pretty good from the inside too. So if you want to make a good impression at the next party, treat yourself to a round in the bedroom or on the kitchen table beforehand. Or even a hot quickie before the next meeting? If it feels right, why not!

5. Sex is adventurous & creative

In the ecstatic interplay of your bodies, you can experience yourselves to the fullest and let your creativity play. With adventurous fantasies, role-playing and whatever comes to mind. Enjoy this little time out and show us what you can do! And if you need a little push, just let yourself be inspired by our sex fantasies in your personal imagination.

6. The hairstyle!

Many have tried, but it is absolutely impossible! Because the hairstyle after sex simply can not be recreated. And it looks just perfect - in that relaxed-wild way. So there is probably only one solution: the tried and tested method with an intense physical session.

7. Difficult conversations are usually much more relaxed after sex

You're having a bit of a stressful time together and your emotions are boiling over? It's hard to believe - but it's precisely in moments like these that reconciliation sex can sometimes work wonders. Because after you've let out the pent-up energy in an intertwined way and at least got a little closer again physically, things often look a lot more relaxed. Use the pleasant feelings to talk about everything again in peace. Or sleep on it and enjoy the closeness for a while. After that, most problems seem much smaller and you can find a good solution together.

8. And it also sleeps better right away

You can't fall asleep and just turn back and forth on the sheet, while your head just won't turn off? Then roll around in bed in a really stormy way - together in a deep embrace with your better half (but of course only if she is awake and ready for it). Enjoy the high feeling, a few tender kisses afterwards and you will probably soon drift off into a gentle sleep. By the way, this is also due to the already mentioned "cuddle hormone" oxytocin.

And as a small thank you for the nice help to fall asleep, you simply bring breakfast to bed the next morning.

9. A little climax boosts self-confidence

After sex, not only is the overall feeling better than usual - you also feel more confident. So if you just need a little push or the right mood to finally boldly and steadfastly demand that long overdue raise: Just take advantage of the little ego boost of a little sleepover. And if you feel like it: Keep the hairstyle! Because we know, it's absolutely magical!

10. Honestly: you deserve it!

But wait a minute! Why should we even give much thought to why we should have sex? After all, it's super nice and quite honestly, you deserve it. Not just good sex, but absolutely great sex. In whatever variation it makes you happy. So let the bed frame creak properly, because it's time for action and good feelings!

Enjoying great sex - no matter if there is a good reason

Whether you have a good reason for it or just want to have sex spontaneously, you can enjoy each other's company whenever you feel like it. And much more important than good reasons for sex is of course something completely different: that you do not let yourself be influenced too much by the ever-present everyday stress, too little time and much more. Because we can always find reasons not to have sex. But whether they really are in our favour is a completely different question. Which can best be answered when you have enjoyed great sex the next time ...

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