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The caliper with a difference - our Condom Sizer

A caliper is usually a precision tool used in metrology and trades to make accurate measurements of lengths, diameters and thicknesses of objects. Many people also have calipers, sometimes called callipers, in their personal toolbox at home. Calipers are precise tools and offer greater accuracy than many other measuring instruments. They are very easy to use, simply slide the caliper around an object to measure the diameter, for example, and read the diameter on the scale.

We at MISTER SIZE make use of this simple and precise principle so that you can also measure your condom size very easily and accurately and have therefore developed the Condom Sizer. Of course, our Condom Sizer does not have sharp edges like some calipers to protect your penis.

You can simply place our Condom Sizer around your erect penis like a caliper gauge and use it to measure the diameter in the same way as the tool. However, as the diameter is not the same as the condom size, but has to be converted first, we have designed the scale to show the condom size. So simply measure and read the condom size directly without having to recalculate.

Where can you get the Condom Sizer?

Our Condom Sizer is available in more and more stores, you can currently order it here, for example:

Our Condom Sizer is multifunctional

In addition to its actual purpose of making it easy to determine the condom size, our Condom Sizer offers a few other possibilities for use.

Fun gift

Of course you can use the Condom Sizer not only for yourself, it is also a funny and unusual gift that will definitely be remembered, after all, everyone should know their condom size to be well protected when using condoms.

Emergency ice scraper

Our caliper gauge is made of sturdy plastic and can withstand a lot. So if the frost suddenly comes again and your car is frozen over, your ice scraper may be missing again, as is so often the case. Even if it is perhaps a little small, you can also use our Condom Sizer in an emergency.

For scratching off ruble tickets or removing labels

It doesn't always have to be coins, our Condom Sizer can of course also be used to scrape out rubellos. It is sturdy enough for this. Our sturdy plastic card can also help with labels that are a little tighter. Simply place the edge on the label and push to release the label.

Bottle opener

Thanks to its robust design, our caliper is also suitable as a bottle opener with a little practice. Just try it out, it's certainly not perfect, but it works in an emergency.

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