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The TOP 12 erotic New Year's resolutions

With these 12 ideas you can get your sex life going in the next 12 months. Just pick one idea per month!

Here are our top 12 sexy New Year's resolutions for more fun in bed:

  1. More good-morning sex: After a relaxing night, what's the best way to start a new day? That's right - a little lovemaking before you get up. Here's how you'll make sure a lot more days start off stimulated this year!
  2. Have regular sex before you go to sleep: an orgasm before you go to sleep makes for a good night's sleep as well as the perfect end to the day! Not only should you follow this resolution if you want a better night's sleep in the new year, but this will also bring more itimity to your relationship.
  3. Finally try the right condoms: With the right condom it's almost like without, you feel your partner much more and you don't have to worry about the condom slipping off.
  4. More kisses: Intimacy doesn't just start in the bedroom - take more time for wild smooches, too. Maybe it will develop into something more.
  5. No more excuses: The classic excuses are often: "I ate too much!", "I have a headache!" or even "I had too much stress at work today!" - You've probably experienced it yourself, when it comes to avoiding sex, people like to find an excuse. But these are often nothing more than lame excuses. Put an end to it this year! Get more involved with your partner and enjoy the most beautiful secondary matter in the world together much more often.
  6. Try out more new things: For example, how about a special toy or some experiments with the Kamasutra? Even a lubricant or a massage can spice up your love life. The proof of the pudding is in the eating - be daring!
  7. More cuddling: Enjoy much more intimate togetherness with your partner - take the initiative! This can provide much more momentum in your relationship. If you want more closeness, you don't have to be naked all the time. Cuddling on the sofa with your partner while watching a nice movie is also nice.
  8. More self-love: Make sure that your needs are not neglected. Every orgasm is good for your well-being, so treat yourself to this pleasure more often - whether alone or as a couple!
  9. More compliments: A kind word never hurt, and it can help bring the momentum back into your relationship. Just hand out a compliment to your partner once a day - it will be worth it!
  10. Learn to strip: without the "exercise more" item, there's rarely a list of New Year's resolutions. In this case, you can learn pole dancing, for example, and thus combine sport and eroticism. In addition to improved fitness, you'll also get more variety in the bedroom.
  11. Romantic food: Have you ever prepared a delicious meal for your partner by surprise? A romantic meal does not have to have an occasion, surprise your partner for example just so with a candlelight dinner.
  12. Clean up your closet: Clothes also contribute to the eroticism of your relationship, so it's time to get your act together, sort out the old love killers and stock up on new underwear. If you find yourself attractive, you will radiate that.

More sports, less smoking, healthier eating ...

Sports and healthier living are probably the classics when it comes to good resolutions for the new year. And you've probably already tried to put them all into practice. But, hand on heart - how often have you really persevered? Most of the time, not even a month goes by before the good resolutions have been thrown over the pile again. Your food is back to the way it used to be and you've already given up sports. Maybe your New Year's resolutions weren't attractive enough to stick with. Maybe some of our ideas are really fun for you and it will be less difficult for you to keep them. If you make a resolution to get your sex life going, you increase your chances of having an exciting time full of erotic adventures.

If you have any other great ideas, feel free to contact us with them. As always, make sure you're safe and don't forget your condoms.

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