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Sales launch in the UK and new English website

We are pleased to announce that Pasante Healthcare, as distributor for the UK, has started sales and is available to all distributors in the UK. This also marks the launch of the UK website as an information and sales platform for MISTER SIZE on the island. Discover now our new website and all information about your purchase possibilities at

Condoms in Great Britain

Even though you can sometimes get condoms for free from the NHS in the UK, they are standard condoms. With Mister Size you can choose between 7 condom sizes and get your perfect fitting condom. In addition, Mister Size is particularly thin and therefore true to touch, but just as safe as a standard condom. Due to the perfect size it can even be safer, because it no longer slips off if the condom is too big. If your condom is too small, it constricts your penis, you feel less and the condom breaks more easily. So it pays to use Mister Size condoms, you will feel the difference.

Where to buy Mister Size

The following stores are on the launch of Mister Size in the UK:

Contact for retailers

You are a retailer in the UK and want to get our Mister Size condoms delivered duty free and fast. Then feel free to contact directly one of our wholesalers in the UK, for example:

ABS Holdings

Spring Lane
Forest Gate
Ringwood, UK BH24 3FH
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1202 868 511

Mister Size
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