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Mister Size Italian website online

Also in Italy you can buy Mister Size condoms in more and more stores, that's why we now complete our offer with an Italian website. Read now all information about our condoms and your local supply sources also in Italian:

Condoms in Italy

Italy with its 60 million inhabitants stands for culture, good food and joie de vivre. Enjoy now also in Italy the simply pure feeling of fitting condoms. Since there are shoes also not only in one or two sizes, there is your Mister Size condom, extra thin and true to feel and in 7 different condom sizes. So your size is certainly also there. This ensures not only more feeling during sexual intercourse but also optimal safety when using condoms, your condom no longer slips off when it fits and it also does not press. This is how pleasurable sex with MISTER SIZE condoms works!

Stores with Mister Size in Italy

In Italy you can already buy Mister Size in the following stores:

Information for dealers

You are a commercial dealer and are interested in expanding your assortment with our products. Please contact one of our local wholesalers in Italy or contact us directly via our dealer page. There you will also find extensive image and marketing material directly for download. Choose Mister Size condoms now and offer your customers a high quality product that is highly rated by customers.

Mister Size
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